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Over the past few weeks, we've made quite a few smaller updates to our new station design. Here's a few highlights:

Household Editing on Stations

  • We'll automatically set the first adult you add to a household as the primary contact. That means it no longer matter what order you add someone to the household. The first adult you add will be set as the primary.
  • We'll automatically set the "Checked In By" person as the primary contact after you first create them. That's one less step for you!
  • We also added security for accounts that can login. If you're able to login and change your own information, it can no longer be changed at a Station. 
  • When adding a second (or more) person to a Household, we'll automatically carry over their last name. That's one more thing you don't have to type again!

Manned and Self Stations 

  • We now automatically hide all inactive profiles when viewing a household, with the ability to show them if you'd like. This should help keep your household tidy. We still completely hide profiles where their inactive reason is set as deceased. 
  • You can now add a Trusted Person on a child who is not yet in a household. 

Roster Stations

  • When searching for someone outside the roster, we will show an alert if that person doesn't match the location filters. That way you won't accidentally check them in to the wrong location.

Happy Checking In!
Team Check-Ins

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