Too Many or Not Enough Labels

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This article will help you troubleshoot for any instance where too many or too few labels are being printed.

How Labels Work

The type of label and the amount of labels that are printed are all defined by the Labels & Locations page of each event. On the right side of each location, you should be able to quickly tell what's expected to print based on who you're checking in and which location you're checking them into.
For greater details, please see our labels and locations video.

What to Look For

Once you understand it, you should be able to quickly tell what's happening in terms of printing. There's two different label types a green name label, and a blue security label. You can also tell who it's printing by the RGV status on the labels.
R=Regular, G=Guest, V=Volunteer.

Common Troubleshooting

  1. Volunteers aren't getting labels - On the right side of the Labels & Locations page, make sure that the letter V is showing in the labels you want to print.
  2. Too many labels - In the top image you can see that the Choir is set to print an extra label for Regulars and Guests. That means, in total, any Regular or Guest will receive 2 name labels for each person, and one Security label. Glance down the page to make sure you don't see either a number or a plus on a label.
  3. All labels look different - If you're using custom labels, there's a good chance you might have added different types of labels for each location. Double check each location to make sure they're all using the same type of label.
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