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Finished an event you don't need for a while, or have a test event you no longer want to see? You can archive those events. Then, if you need the event later, you can unarchive it.

You can also delete events that you don't want to keep data from and plan to never use again.

From the event settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, where you'll have an option to archive the event or delete the session.

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  1. Select Archive Event to hide the event from the list.

  2. Select Delete Session to remove this session from the event.

Delete the Event

In most cases, archiving an event is all you need. It saves all the past history of check-ins but won't show up on the stations screen or in any reports. However, if you do need to delete an event, go to the event settings of an archived event to permanently delete it.

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Verify you'd like to permanently delete the event as well as all the history on every person in that event. Once the event is deleted, it will not show up in any person's history, in any reports, and the event will not be accessible on any page.


Once deleted, any information from that event cannot be recovered.

Unarchive the Event

To get back to that event to delete or unarchive it, go to the Events page and check the Include archived events checkbox. Then, choose the event from the Events list on the left.


Archived events have a banner at the top of them.

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Unarchive an event to create new sessions and allow check-ins at a Station.

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The event will now show on Check-Ins stations.

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