Archiving and Deleting Events

Have a test event you no longer want to see? You can completely remove an event in two steps.

1. Archive the Event

  1. At the top right of the event, click the settings icon.
  2. Click "Archive Event" on the bottom left of that page.

2. Delete the Event

In most cases, Archiving an event is all you need. It'll save all of the past history of check-ins, but won't show up on the Stations screen, or in any reports. However, if you do need to delete an event, you should now see a "delete event" button show up on that same page.

You'll see the "delete event" button appear at the bottom, next to the option to unarchive. Deleting an event is not recovarable, so make sure you're willing to loose all of the history on every person with that event before you do it!

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