Background Checks for Volunteers

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If your church requires volunteers to pass a background check before they can serve, enable the background checks requirement from the Location or Event Settings.


Only administrators in Planning Center People can request and manage background checks.

Require Background Checks

There are two places in your event where you can require background checks.

  • When editing a Location, you can set only that location to require background checks for volunteers.

  • If you want every location to require them, you can do so from the Event Settings. This will not allow you to make changes for background checks on the location level.

No matter where you're making this change, you'll see the following section to turn required background checks on.

require backgound checks.png

Check Volunteers into Secure Events or Locations

If you require background checks for volunteers, anyone without a background check will not be able to check in as a Volunteer type unless they have a cleared background check, including people under 18.


Since Background Check companies don't typically perform background checks on anyone under 18, you can manually add a cleared background check to minors.

Follow these steps to ensure minors can check in as volunteers, and then receive a background check notification when they turn 18.

  1. Set the check to expire on their 18th birthday.

  2. Create a list to find people who need a background check and an automation to run the background check for you.

With these steps in place, when a person turns 18, they'll receive an email to fill out a background check.

You will see an icon on a person's profile only if they have a cleared background check.



Only people with access to background checks in People will be able to see the details of the background check.

When you try to check in someone who does not have a cleared background check, you'll see an error.




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