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It takes a village to raise a child, and often, that village doesn't live in the same house. So, you can add people to a person's profile in order for them to check in your child or check them out.

In addition, if there are people who are not allowed to pick up the person, you can add them to their profile as well.


Any adults listed in the household or as trusted people will be listed in the option to send a text.

On a profile, select the Households tab to view people in the household as well as people who can and cannot check out the person.

  1. Click Edit to view and manage the people in the household. 


    If there's not a household on the person's profile, you can click Add a Household and search for people in the household.

  2. Add or remove trusted and not authorized people by clicking Edit.


    On the Admin side, you can not add trusted people to an individual child without a household. You can create a household with just that child by clicking Add a Household, searching for that child, and then adding them to their own Household. Then, you can add trusted people for that child.

Manage People in Household

Add people who live in the same house into a household, so they can check in more quickly and easier.


You should never place people outside of actual families into households. If you think you want to combine people who aren't in an actual family into a household, consider using a roster station or a group.

  1. Add a person to the household.

  2. Remove a person from the household or make a different person the Primary person.

  3. View any other households these people belong in.

To delete the household and all its information, click Remove household. Otherwise, click Save to keep any changes made.


To make any changes to the household contact information, make changes on a person's profile and check the box to Update for all household members.

Manage Trusted People

Tighten up security by adding trusted people as well as people who are not authorized to check out children.

Trusted people can check people in or out just like the household adults without being added to the household; a not authorized person will show an alert on the check out screen.


A trusted person can search their own name or phone number at a station and tap the Show Other People... button to check in any children for whom they are authorized.

  1. To add a new person, select Edit on the section you're adding the person.

  2. In the search box, begin typing a name, and if the person exists in your database, you'll see them listed below. If they don't exist in your database, you can click Create a New Person to add them.

  3. You can remove a trusted or not authorized person at any time by selecting Remove.

Once you've added all the people to the section, choose Done to save those people.


If you want one of your older kids to check their siblings in and out, add them as a trusted person.

View People on a Station

You can view a child's household adults, trusted people, and not authorized people on a station.

Check In

When checking in, you will see the people in the household and trusted people listed as people able to check in the child.

From a Manned Station, you can add a trusted or not authorized person by selecting Edit trusted people from the dropdown.


You can also manage trusted people when editing a household or profile by selecting Manage trusted people.


Check Out

If someone who is being checked out has a Not Authorized person listed on their profile, select Find out who to see a picture of the person who is not authorized.

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