Trusted People and Not Authorized for Pickup

To help tighten up security, you can add trusted people, as well as people who are not authorized to pick up children. Trusted People can check in or check out people just like the household adults but without being added to the household Not Authorized People will show an alert on the check out screen.

Adding People to Profile

Admin Side

On the Households tab of a person's profile, you'll see a section on the right where you can add, edit, and remove Trusted People and Not Authorized People.

  1. To add a new person, click edit on the section you're adding a person.
  2. In the search box, begin typing a name, and the results will populate.

Once you've added all the people to the section, choose Done to save those people.

Station Side

Any Trusted People will be listed as people to check in the child, and on a Manned Station, you can add a Trusted or Not Authorized Person by selecting Add/Edit Trusted People in that section.

Checking Out

When Checking out someone on a manned station, you'll see those same Trusted People show up in the Check out by section. If you don't see who you are looking for, you may need to select Show More, as Check-Ins remembers your most common selections and puts them as the top two choices.

Not Authorized for Pickup Alerts

If someone who is being checked out has a not authorized person, you will see an alert at the top of the check out page.

Select Find out who, and you'll receive a pop up with the picture of the person who is not authorized.

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