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Planning Center Check-Ins is priced by the number of unique check-ins on your busiest day of the week, usually Sunday. You can occasionally exceed your limit for spikes like Christmas or Easter. All packages include unlimited stations, events, and administrators.

There are no contracts or setup fees, and each product can be used for 30 days without charge. After 30 days, you'll receive your first charge based on the pricing you choose.

Check out Planning Center Pricing for a general overview of all the products. From there, you can subscribe to the product. If you're already subscribed, change your current pricing plan on the Subscriptions Page.

We never prevent people from checking in, even if it exceeds your subscription. Instead we'll email your Organization Administrator recommending you upgrade.

Once you're finished with your trial, you will be billed according to the frequency on the Billing Page. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time, and the change will be reflected on the next invoice.


You don't have to buy anything additional for Check-Ins to work for you, but if you want to print labels for name tags or use designated classroom materials instead of volunteer devices, you might need to purchase other hardware.

Start small with one classroom at a time, and use any devices you already have instead of purchasing newer ones at first.

  • If you're going with Android, opt for the newest, name brand tablet your budget will accommodate. They last much longer than an older, cheaper model, and name brand tablets tend to have fewer issues with our printers. It'll be a little more upfront cost, but it'll save you a lot of time and money in the long run.
  • Kindle Fires run Android apps even though they technically have a Fire OS. So, you can definitely go that route, but again you'll want to get the latest Fire HD and not an older model.
  • iPads work really well but can be pricey. To save money, consider an iPad mini with lower storage models and WiFi only. You don't need the latest version of the iPad for it to work well; however, we recommend a version that can run the latest iOS.
  • Chromebooks can be used as a station to print in two ways
    1.  Print indirectly using our print to another station feature.
    2. Print directly to Brother and Citizen printers with the Check-Ins Android app if the Chromebook model can run Android apps.


If you want to use barcodes or mobile passes, you can use a mobile device's camera or one of our approved scanners, ranging from $40 to $100.


Mac/Windows stations can only print directly to Zebra and Dymo printers. iOS/Android stations can only print directly to Brother and Citizen printers.

But, you don't have to buy a printer for each station because you can print from one device to another device that's already connected to any of our supported printers, ranging from $70 to $450.


To make setup easy, we recommend using the Tablet Kiosk. This Check-In Kiosk allows up to threepeople to check-in at the same time while only occupying a 15" x 17" space. This kiosk gives the feel of a permanently installed kiosk but you only need to tip the kiosk and wheel it away.

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