Registrations & Check-Ins Integration

This integration allows you to create a Check-Ins event through Registrations. It syncs the two events and can check in any person who has registered and/or been assigned to a specific location. This also exposes any Registrations messages, such as "Payment Due" and "Missing Forms," inside a Check-Ins roster station.


Start in Registrations

To use this functionality you must be an Admin in Registrations and an Editor Admin in Check-Ins. If you have those permission levels, you'll see an option at the top of your Registrations Event to check in. You'll see up to two options.

  1. You can choose to check people into the entire event which won't create any locations in check-Ins.
  2. Or, you can assign people through assignments, and it'll create an event in Check-Ins that syncs the Registration assignments with Check-Ins locations.

If you'd like to use assignments, you'll must set up those assignments first. You won't have to assign every person first, you'll just want to make sure you create the assignments so that you can see the second option.

Once either option is clicked, you'll be directed to a syncing page that'll start creating your event in Check-Ins. Once the sync is complete, you'll automatically be sent to the created Roster Station.

How it Works

We Create an Event for You

Once the event is created in Check-Ins, there's a few things to know.

  • No labels will print by default. This is because we believe most Registrations events won't need labels. However, you can add them back in, in the same way that you would on normal Check-Ins events.
  • Events are limited. Registration Events are a bit more limited than Check-Ins events. There are no times, no headcounts, and you can't add check-ins into the past.
  • Archiving - When your event is over, archive the event in Registrations. This will automatically archive the Check-Ins event as well. If you unarchive either event, they will no longer be synced and connected to each other.

Alerts and Filters

We're doing two things to help combine the power of both Registrations and Check-Ins together, and that's with alerts and filters. First, we're syncing over all the alerts you may see in Registrations over to Check-Ins. So, if there's an alert, you'll see it pop up before you confirm the check in.

Secondly, if you're using Assignments in Registrations all of the filters will be synced over to Check-Ins. These filters can not be editing inside of Check-Ins, because they're always synced from Registrations. If you need to change them, you'll need to do it in Registrations.

You can see in the below example that the 5th Grade age filter has been carried over, but you're not able to adjust it here. However, you do have access to some Check-Ins filters that don't exist in Registrations such as the adult/child fitler and the ratio filter.

Registered, Assigned, Guests.

There's three different types of people who might come to check in, and we handle each scenario a little bit differently.

  1. Registered and Assigned - These people will automatically be synced and suggested to the location that they were assigned to in Registrations.
  2. Registered and Not Assigned - These people will be suggested the best location that matches the filters on the location. You'll see an alert that will tell you they are not assigned, and will be taking up one of those capacity spots.
  3. Not Registered - The people will be suggested the best location that matches the filters on the location. You'll seen an alert that will tell you they are not assigned, and will be taking up one of those capacity spots. These people will automatically be set as guests as well. We've done this so that you can print a guest list report later, and follow up with them to register. If you're using labels, you can also choose to print different labels for guest to help pinpoint those who aren't registered.


Once you've started checking in, we'll do one of two things in regards to the Station. If you've already created a station on that device, we'll change that Station to a Registrations station.

If you haven't yet created a station on that device, we'll create one for you, automatically. It'll be called "Roster for [Registration Event Name]: [Assignment Name]." Meaning, it'll be called something like "Roster for Vacation Bible School: Teams."

Once you're ready to switch the Station back to a Check-Ins Station, you can do that on the admin side by clicking "Restore Check-Ins Settings." Also, if you've already set up Station Templates, these will override and restore any settings as well.

Check-In Sessions

In most cases, a Registration event only last one day. However, if you want to check people in over and over again among multiple days, such as with Vacation Bible School, you'll need to start a new session on the admin side. You'll see that option at the top right of the Event on the Admin side of Check-Ins.

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