May 25th - Chrome Update Breaking Dymo

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There was recently an update to Chrome (v. 58) that includes some stricter security settings. In order to get your printer to communicate with Chrome, you'll have to manually tell Chrome it's okay to communicate with the Dymo widget. 

We want to ensure you that Check-ins is completely secure. This message is in reference to Dymo not having a valid certificate for their Widget. The insecurity is between the Widget that is installed on your local machine and your browser. It is not between your browser and the internet so the connection is actually secure even though it looks as if it isn't.


Right now, there is not a way to remove that security warning from the URL in Chrome. Even though Check-ins is secure, if that warning message is making your attendees uncomfortable, you can switch to a different browser (we currently suggest Firefox) which will allow you to use Check-ins without seeing that warning message. If you do switch browsers, you will need to create a new station and make sure you set all the station settings the same. 

To get Check-ins working again in Chrome can you go to the following page:


From there, you should see a page like this:

Select Advanced and then select ​Proceed to localhost (unsafe)

​After you do that, you should see a page​ with the following message:

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