June 26 - Report Date Expanding

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With our latest addition to Check-Ins, you can now have an unlimited date range for reports. Check it out!


Our initial 6-week limit was because of two reasons:

  1. It would time-out if there was too much data.
  2. It simply would not fit on a single page if it was over 6 sessions.

For the timing out issue, we've moved our reporting engine to a background job. That simply means it can take as long as it wants and won't time out.

To fix the issue with it fitting on the same page, we've done two things: 

  1. Once the report is over 6 sessions, it'll switch to Landscape which will go up to 16 sessions.
  2. If the report is over 16 sessions, it'll only allow CSV downloads and not a pdf or preview view. Anything over 16 sessions will also require you to choose a date, rather than an amount of sessions you'd like in the report. You can do that by changing in the past to in between.

This has been one of the most highly requested updates, outside of our newly announced Check-Ins/Registrations Integration. Thanks so much for sending these in, and we hope you enjoy! 

Team Check-Ins


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