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Promoting students to new grades can be a challenge in real life, so we make it easy in your database! Just a couple of clicks and students are in new grades! And if you accidentally promote too early, you can undo the promotion!


Before you do a promotion, make sure the other Administrators know when the promotion is done, so they don't do it again!

From the People page in People, a Manager can select the settings gear and choose Promote Grades.



Promotion Tips:

  • People in Grade 12 will have all school info removed. You can update their school info manually if they are promoting to another school.

  • Groups are not affected by grade promotion: children will not automatically be moved from the Jr High Boys group to the High School Boys group because their grade changed from 8th to 9th.

  • This feature cannot be used for multiple campuses that promote on a different schedule.

When should I promote grades?

  • Promote grades during the week before your Promotion Weekend, but after your last children's ministry event for the week.

  • Promote grades either before VBS registrations begin or after the VBS event occurs to make sure you have the most current data.

What do I do with children not assigned to a grade?

  • Choose your starting grade to be Pre-K or Kindergarten.

    After you promote grades, create a list to find everyone who should be going into the starting grade (based on age or birthdate range) and does not have a grade assigned. Use Bulk Actions to assign them to the starting grade.

How will this affect my Check-Ins events?

  • If you use the Advanced Age Filters, and your Promotion Sunday date has changed from last year, update the advanced age filters before your Promotion Weekend.

  • Make sure your Location Filters are set up properly. Those who normally check into Locations that use grade filters may see a different location when they check in.

Before all the grades are promoted, choose if you want to move Pre-K to Kindergarten.


Select Yes, promote grades to move all people to the next grade level.

Once you promote grades, people will be able to check in to different locations depending on the location settings. Also, all school info for those in grade 12 will be removed.

The promoting process will start immediately and shouldn't take long, depending on the amount of people in your account.

Once you select OK in the popup, the promotions will be finalized, and your students will be in new grades!

Undo Promotion

If you promoted too soon or realized some grades were incorrect, you can undo the promotion up to fourteen days after the promotion was initiated.

Again, from the People page, select the settings gear and choose Promote Grades.


Select recent promotions, which will take you to recent promotions done in the past.


View the date and time of the promotion as well as the number of students who were promoted and who initiated the action.

To revert the information back to the previous grades, choose Undo promotion.


Verify you want to move students back to their previous grade, including those in grade 12, by choosing Yes. Once you select OK in the popup, the promotions will be undone, and your students will be in the grades they were previously.


If you undo a promotion, it will no longer show in the recent promotions list.

Use Lists to find kids who are in either the age bracket of those that would move up or have been checked into a specific location in Check-Ins. Once you've determined the criteria to find the correct kids, use Bulk Actions to assign the correct grade to their profiles.

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