Backup Plan: When Technology Breaks

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While technology is great, there are times when it doesn't work the way we expect, or it's slower than we need it to be. When that happens, we recommend a simple backup plan with items you already have in order to keep kids safe while getting parents through the line quickly.

1. Write Name and Security Number on Label

Since you already have labels on hand, the best way to keep your check-in procedure consistent is to use those labels.

Either grab a roll of labels or push the button on your printer to populate a label then write the name of the child on that label.

For the security number, use the first letters of the name of the classroom, such as Blue Elephants, as well as the number of child checking in to the classroom. Use the class list example below to choose the child's number.

2. Write Security Number on Label

In order to keep children safe, create a security label for the parent to use to pick up their child.

3. Record Name on Number Line on Class List

Create a class list in Excel, utilizing the header for the name of the class as well as the columns.

The numbers on the side become the child's security number.

Keep a printed copy of your class lists in case computers are down.

If you have to use this method for multiple weeks, use a different color marker in order to make sure parents don't reuse security labels since there are no dates on the labels.

Those three steps will provide a label for the child as well as a pickup label for the parent, while keeping track of a list of children for a teacher to reference.

Other churches use a stamp, like at Chuck E. Cheese, wristbands, or laminated security tags instead of just labels. Use what works best for you!

If you like this idea but don't want to have to write on lots of labels, download our Backup Plan, complete with labels to print and class lists you can fill in.

The labels used in the Backup Plan are Avery 5395: 2 1/3" x 3 3/8".

Once technology is working again, you can add this information to Check-Ins.

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