Check-Ins and Services Integration

With the PCO Services Integration enabled, you can see which volunteers have checked in right from the PCO Services app, without having to switch to Check-Ins. This article will show you how to set that up.

Setting it up

First, navigate to the event settings page, and make sure that the PCO Services Integration is set to Enabled.

For the two applications to connect, you'll want to make sure the person checking in is the same person who is scheduled in PCO Services. Also, they need to check into the same time they are scheduled to in PCO Services. This will automatically set them as a volunteer.

When this integration is enabled, it will include a small Check-in icon next to the time people have checked in.



PCO Services has a special report for you to see who did not check in, but did confirm on the schedule. While in a plan, click "print report" and you'll see a "CHECK-INS: Absent people" report.

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