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A station is used to allow people to check in. You can quickly start using a station by downloading the app and asking a leader to help set it up. There are two different ways to create a station:

  • Log in to the Check-Ins app and set up a station.

  • Use quick stations to scan a QR code and set up a station on a device.


When first creating Check-Ins stations, set them up a few days before the first time that you need them. That way, you'll have plenty of time to test them and make sure they are ready to go by your actual service or event!

Log In to Create a Station

If you're an Editor, you can add a station to any device by logging in and downloading the station from the Stations page.

Download a station to the device by clicking Launch station.


Click Download to download the Check-Ins app, where you'll set up your station for your device.



While Check-Ins may work on older devices, these are the recommended operating system versions for the best Check-Ins experience:

  • Windows: 10 or above

  • Mac: macOS 10.11 or above

  • iOS: 13 or above

  • Android: 9 or above

Follow the download and installation steps, and then the station will pop up for you to access.

Choose More options, and then choose Log In to begin setting up your station.

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Follow the prompts, and then your station will be ready to check people in!


If you log into the Check-Ins desktop app and want to use two step verification, you'll need to update the Check-Ins app to the latest version [1.10.0+].

Use Quick Stations

Quick Station setups allow you to quickly create new stations with a set of pre-selected station settings. Create new Quick Station setups for different station types (manned, self, roster) or different events (Sunday Services, Daycare, etc.)

From the settings gear on the Stations page, choose Quick Stations.


Click New quick station to create a settings template to quickly apply to stations.


Choose a station type, if the station should lock to one event or location, where you'd like labels to print, and select the theme.


Scan QR Code to Create Station

If you're not an Administrator, or if you want to set up a station using the Quick Station setups, you can create a station by scanning the QR code on the Check-Ins app screen to make that device a station.

1. Download the Check-Ins App

Download the Check-Ins app, available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Check out our device recommendations.


If you restore a device from a backup or use the same Apple ID for multiple devices, first delete the station from the Stations page, and then download the Check-Ins app again to create a new station.

2. Activate the Station

Scan the code, or select More options to see the URL of the code.


Enter the name of the station and choose the quick station to use for it, and then choose Create station.



If you used the URL instead of the QR code, you can enter the code shown on the station.

Your station is now ready to be used to check people in!


After four months, unused stations will be deleted.

Station Type Comparison


Station Type




Check-ins only allowed during Event show/hide times

Allows Checked In By selection

Allows Checked Out By selection

Allows Check Out

Displays Not Authorized warning during Check Out

Create new people

Edit profile information

Search by security code

Search by name

Use with Church Center App

Add visitors

View security codes

Reprint name labels

Override location capacity

Manned Station

A trusted volunteer can use a manned station to check people in, add new visitors, and edit profile information.



Since manned stations allow you to view and edit profile information, make sure to give manned station access to volunteers you trust with that information. Send this video to your volunteers, so they can see how a manned station works!

Self Station

A Self Station allows a person to check in members of the household by checking in with their phone number or scanning a code. It's used by returning families who have checked in before. No staff or volunteer person is required.



Send this video to your volunteers, so they can see how a self station works!

Roster Station

A Roster Station is a digital class list, which allows a teacher to check who arrives at their class. Rosters populate based on the people who have previously checked into the location or event.



Send this video to your volunteers, so they can see how a roster station works!

If you don't need teachers to check in students, but you want them to have access to a class list of people who are currently checked in, set the station to show the Here tab from the Station Settings.


In case of an emergency evacuation, teachers can see all people who have checked into their classrooms in the Here tab. If Check out across all locations is enabled, ministry leaders can choose All locations to see everyone checked in across all locations.


Want to auto-populate rosters?

A roster station is populated when people check in to the event, based on the number of days or weeks you choose in the settings of the station. A roster station will not show any names on the list until an event has recorded check-ins for that number of days or weeks. If you want a roster station to show names, you can add past sessions with those people listed in them.

After you've set up your station, you're ready to check people into the event.

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