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A station is used to allow people to check in. There are three different ways to use stations:

  • Have a volunteer help others check in.
  • Allow anyone to check in members of their family and themselves.
  • Use it as a roster or class list.

You can quickly start using a station by downloading the app and following the prompts to set up the station.

Download the Check-Ins App

Download the Check-Ins app, available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Check out our device recommendations.

If you restore a device from a backup or use the same Apple ID for multiple devices, you need to delete the copied station and download the Check-Ins app again to create a new station.

Set Up Station

Choose a station, and then select the theme, where you'd like labels to print, and if the station should lock to one event or location.

Station Type Comparison

Function Station Type

Manned Self Roster
Check-ins only allowed during Event show/hide times

Prints labels automatically

Prints one security label per household

Allows Checked In By selection

Allows Checked Out By selection

Allows Check Out

Displays Not Authorized warning during Check Out

Create new people

Edit profile information

Search by security code

Search by phone number, barcode, or mobile pass

Search by name

Use with Church Center App

Manned Station

A Manned Station is great for checking in new people. It needs to have a designated person who can access information in the database. Manned stations should be available for trusted volunteers because sensitive information is accessible in the search.

manned view

Self Station

A Self Station allows a person to quickly check in members of the household by checking in with their phone number or scanning a code. It's used by returning families who have checked in before. No staff or volunteer person is required.

self station view

Roster Station

A Roster Station is a digital class list, which allows a teacher to check who arrives at their class. Rosters populate based on the people who have previously checked into the location or event.

roster view

If you don't need teachers to check in students, but you want them to have access to a class list of people who are currently checked in, set the station to default to checkout mode from the Station Settings.

Want to auto-populate rosters?

A roster station is populated when people check in to the event, based on the number of days or weeks you choose in the settings of the station. A roster station will not show any names on the list until an event has recorded check-ins for that number of days or weeks. If you want a roster station to show names, you can add past sessions with those people listed in them.

After you've set up your station, you're ready to check people into the event.

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