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Once you've created the event and launched your station, you're ready to start checking people in from a Manned, Self, or Roster Station. Use our tips from each station to check people in quickly and keep those lines short!

Manned Station

Enter the name of the person to begin checking in the household or just an individual.

For the fastest searching, type the first two letters of the first name and the first two letters of the last name.


The Speed Tips will show by default. Hide those from the settings by selecting the gear.

Check the box next to the person's name then choose Check in X Person.

Use the arrows to hover over the correct profile then push the space bar or enter key to select the name of the person being checked in.

If you forget the shortcuts on any page, type the ? to pull up a list of all the shortcuts!

When you type D, you'll be taken to the Details page, which has more shortcut keys to select more information.

To access Options and Times, you much first select a Location.

Self Station

Enter at least the last four digits of your phone number to check in members of your household.

If another person has a phone number similar to yours, you may have to choose your household from a list!

Check the boxes next to the people who are checking in then select Check in x People.

Use the scanner to scan a barcode or mobile pass for faster check in!

An Admin will need to add a barcode or mobile pass in order for them to be accessible from the scanner.

Roster Station

In classrooms, volunteers can quickly check in people from the roster station.

class list

Once class is over, they can even switch to check out to keep the class list up to date as people leave.

Many churches use lots of other quick tips--join their dialogue on Slack!

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