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Add a one-time special service to your Service Type or Event when you have special events like Christmas or Easter. Services, Check-Ins, and Resources all allow you to make changes to your regular event without creating a new one for the special event.


Before you add your plan for the special service, review last year's plan similar to the one you're creating.

Once you've reviewed it, it will show up in your Recently Viewed plans, and you can copy the times from that plan!

If the special service is similar to services in your Service Type but with more people and different times, add the special service in your current Service Type.

However, if your special service is totally different from other plans in your Service Type, like you need to add more teams, and the order of service will be totally different, it would be more beneficial to you to create a Special Events Service Type and copy any similar teams into that Service type.

After you've viewed the previous plan, select add a plan from the Service Type.

select add a plan.

Select the number of plans to add and copy the times from the previous plan you viewed before then make sure your new date and templates are correct.

copy times from past special service

Select Add 1 to be taken to your special service plan.

Your plan will be added with the times you copied! If you have split teams, the split team times will be added, so if this plan only needs one service time, you'll need to delete the other service time.

Once you're ready to add plans after your special service plan, you can choose to add the times from the plan before to add your regular service times.

add future regular plans

You can even choose specific templates for each of those weeks!


The week of your special service, you can add a new time and close any locations in order to check kids in to that time.

If your special service is not in place of your regular scheduled service, create an event with no frequency to hold your special events instead of making multiple changes to this event itself.

Do not edit or delete the current session times or locations. Editing or deleting current session times or locations will change event history.

Add a Time

From the times tab, select New Time to add the time of your special service.

Select the dates and times of the event and even add a name to differentiate it from other sessions.

enter information and name

Once you Submit, you'll see the time added to your session.

Since you're not having service during the other two times, you shouldn't have a conflict; however, if your Show at or Hide at times are in the new time range, you can make those adjustments for this session.

Close Locations

You may not need all the locations for your special event. Close them to remove any confusion for those checking in.

From the Labels & Locations tab, select the location you need to close for your special event.

Then, on the bottom right, select Close Location.

Any closed locations won't show up for people to check in.

After you've added your time and adjusted your locations, you're ready to check people in!

When the event is over, and you've created a new session, delete the old time from the next week's session by selecting the time and choosing Delete.

select delete

In addition, open any locations you closed for the last session.

Once you've deleted the additional times and opened the closed locations, your event will be back to what it was!


If a special service requires change to the current service, make those changes by modifying the current Reservation Block.

modify reservation block

Choose to modify only this instance, so future blocks will not be changed.

modify only one date

Select Reschedule to change the times of the current block.

reschedule time

Select a different start and end time for the block then Reschedule to save.

If necessary, change the schedule and add or remove any rooms or resources, and then go back to the event page.

Your reservation block will be pending and reflect the changes which will be sent to the approval groups.

new reservation block

If you chose to modify only one instance, the following week will still be set to approved (if previously approved), and the schedule will reflect the previous schedule.

following week reservation block

The event as a whole will show as pending until the new reservation is approved.

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