Now Available on Station Preview: A Better Services Integration

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Station preview received an update to the Services Integration today.

But first, it's helpful to re-iterate one of our main visions for the new design and flow. We intend for Stations to be as fast and clear as possible which means we only pre-select when we know 100% that it's the correct time and location. That means, if something is a little bit different from week to week, we want to make sure that you intentionally make that change, so we don't pre-select.

With the new Services integration, if you're scheduled, you're no longer pre-selected. We want you to know that somethings different this week. But, when you do check it, we're suggesting times and locations in three new ways. 
  1. We'll now match you with the scheduled time from Services, instead of the next/closest times.
  2. If you're not scheduled, we'll suggest you to the last location you were check into, when you weren't scheduled. This is a change to help those situations where you're still suggested as a Volunteer the week after you're scheduled. Since you're not scheduled there any more, we don't suggest it. 
  3. If you're scheduled and one of the available locations match the position name or team name, we'll match you to that location automatically.


Happy Scheduling!
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