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The folder settings allow you to add labels and options for all locations in the folder, and give you options for distributing attendees among multiple locations for the event.

From the Labels & Locations tab, choose a folder to make changes to its settings.



Folders with no locations will have a warning on them. Any settings will not be applied until a location is associated with the folder.

The most helpful part about folders is the distribution settings. It allows you to define if people check in to the same place every time.

distribution default checkbox_arrow.png

Uncheck this box if :

  • you are using Waterfall and have a second location for the same group, like Kindergarten and Kindergarten Overflow.

  • you are using Balanced and don't want their last check-in to override balancing the locations evenly.


If you delete a folder, the following actions will occur:

  • All the locations inside the folder will be deleted.

    To preserve locations, close them, drag and drop locations out of the folder, and then add "Closed" to the name of the locations.

  • The folder will still show on Check-Ins reports for any past check-ins.

  • Any stations locked to that folder will revert to being locked to the event.

Distributing Attendees

Distribution only exists at the folder level. Any location within the folder will have the chosen distribution applied. By default, the Waterfall option is applied to every folder, and volunteer check-ins can choose any location, regardless of the distribution.

You have two options for distributing attendees among locations:

  • Waterfall - Fills the first location to capacity before starting to fill the next location.

    PreK Blue has the capacity set to 15. At the 16th PreK check in, PreK Orange will start filling up.

  • Balanced - Balances attendees among available locations. With this setting, attendees will be auto-assigned into the locations that will keep the number of attendees per location even.

    PreK Blue and PreK Orange are filled at the same time.


If two or more attendees are from the same household, they will be assigned to the same location, whether or not the Balanced Distribution is applied.

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