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It’s Sunday morning and there’s a long line out the door for families to check in. In one way, this sounds great—the church is growing, families are being welcomed, and children are safe. But in real life, this experience isn’t ideal. 

When checking in isn’t fast, people miss out on worship and connecting with others, all because they’re stuck waiting for labels to print. 

With our recent update, we’ve made the process of creating check-in stations easier and faster so you can keep up with demand—making check-in time more magical. 🦄 

Check-Ins lets you create an unlimited number of free Stations to speed up the process. And now we’ve capitalized on that powerful feature by updating the creation process. This is something you've got to see in action, so let's show you how it works!


Easy Station Creation

When a volunteer opens the Check-Ins Station app for the first time, they’ll now be greeted with a QR code. Scan this QR code with your phone, where you can sign in and create a Station for them. 

IMG_B9F60CA5E485-1.jpeg      IMG_285520335D33-1.jpeg

No touching your volunteers phone, no three page walkthrough process, and no need for them to be added as an administrator—their device will magically become the Station you always wanted it to be.

Don’t have a phone to scan the QR code? Don’t fret! Select "More options" and you can use this same quick process by typing in the provided URL.


Quick Station Settings

We've also made a new quick station setup option when you’re creating the station. Create some quick station setups to make sure all the settings you want are easily saved. 

Want all of your Elementary Teachers Stations to have the same access and background? Want all Self Stations with a certain background, locked to a specific event? You can do all the work ahead of time by creating a quick station setup.

If this new flow of creating stations doesn’t strike your fancy, don’t worry. You can still manually create a station by logging in under “more options”. 

Stations are the heart of your Check-Ins system, and we’re excited to make this experience even easier and more powerful than before. Learn more about all your options and please let us know what you think!


Team Check-Ins

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