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We've made a few improvements to the new station design based on your feedback! Here's a few highlights that have been shipped in the last six weeks.

Custom success messages 

After every check-in, there's a few seconds of a screen that shows fun success messages that may or may not fit the brand your church desires. Now you can customize both the check-in and check-out messages to whatever you want, within a short character limit 🙂


Roster + Services Integration

The Ready tab on Roster Stations has historically been a list of anybody who has recently checked in, in the last X weeks. Now, if you're using the Services Integration, you'll also see anybody who is scheduled to serve that day (if the location name in Check-ins matches the team or position in Services), and they'll automatically be set as a Volunteer. If they're not scheduled the next week, they won't show on the Ready tab.  

Shortcut keys everywhere

We've added all the expected shortcut keys so you can stay at the keyboard and not use a mouse when moving through the check-in and check-out process. On a Manned Station, tap "?" to see what is available to you on that respective page.

Edit household & trusted people improvements

  • "Show more people"
    If you're a trusted person for another child, you'll now see those children under the "show more people" button, along with any person in your household that has been set to inactive. 
  • New Trusted People / Not Authorized design
    We've updated the design (and back end) of editing/adding trusted people that match the rest of our new design pages.
  • Add Trusted People when editing a household
    You'll now see a link to Manage Trusted People on each person's profile when editing them to make it easier to add trusted or not authorized people to the household.
  • Add a Trusted Person to a single person 
    We used to have a technical limitation that wouldn't allow you to add a trusted person for a child who wasn't in a household. Well, now you can add a Trusted Person to anybody! We'll automatically create a household for that person when you go to add a trusted person or not authorized person.
  • Apply home address and phone number to all household members 
    When you create a new household and add a home address or a home phone number, we'll automatically apply those to the rest of the household. 

Show security code on the checked out tab

On Roster stations, when you choose to show security codes on the "Here" tab, we'll also show the security code on the checked out tab.

Double Scan to Checkout 

On a Manned Station, when you scan a security code twice in a row, we'll automatically check out everyone associated with that code, so you don't have to touch the device to finish the check out. Note: you will need a physical barcode scanner for this to work.

New location warning on manned and self

We've added back the location warning message when someone tries to check in to a location that is different than last time. This should help parents more easily see when a child might not be put into the same location as the previous week, especially after a promotion Sunday.

Rollout Plan

That's all for now, but there's definitely more to come. We're still planning to force all accounts over to this new design shortly after Easter this year (2023), so please don't hesitate to let us know of ways to make this better.

If you would like to check out the New Design before Easter but aren’t sure how, take a look at our Recap: Station Design Improvements article for more information.  

Happy Checking In!
Team Check-Ins

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