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We're are moving ever so close to everyone getting the new station design after Easter, and have been addressing your feedback! There's quite a bit of smaller changes that have been made, but one of the biggest ones is adding back the ability to print a label for someone without them being added to the database, with a Label Only option.

Label Only

If your church would like to quickly print out a label, without adding someone to the database for privacy reasons, you can now enable the "Label Only" option on the settings of an event. 



Once enabled, you'll see a "Label Only" option after searching where you can choose a location and time, then add basic details for someone. You will be able to use Emergency texting with this option, but there will be no other information stored about this person. 

If you do want to save this person to the database, please leave this feature off, and consider changing the default household editor fields to help keep adding people as fast as you need.  

Household Editing Improvements

  • When adding someone to a household, we'll now default them to a child, as that's more likely the type of person you're adding. 
  • When using emphasized fields, we will not emphasize a school unless the child is over 2 years old.
  • We now list all schools in alphabetical order, rather than in creation order (whoops!)
  • When you search using a phone number, we’ll recognize that it’s a phone number, and won’t add it to the name field.

More Improvements

  • Capacity alerts stand out just a bit more, in red! 
  • Added generic "bathroom" wording to emergency texting diaper message.
  • The Self Station keypad on some devices were impressively small, so we've made those as large as we can!
  • Now we only show "someone not authorized for pickup" on child profiles and no longer on adult profiles.

That's all for now, but please keep those ideas and thoughts coming! 

Happy Checking In,
Team Check-Ins

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