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View your station settings, complete with themes, print options, and station information from the station itself or from the Stations tab on the Admin side.

Find the Settings


If you're already on a station and have Stations Keys set up, go to the settings by selecting the gear in the bottom right.


Admin Side

On the Admin side, each station is listed in a box. If the station type is highlighted green, that station is currently online. Click a box to change the settings of the station.


You can see specific information about the station, like when it was last used and what device it's on.

Keypad/Scanner on Self Station

You can select the keypad and scanner options for each self station.



For touchless check-in, check the Automatically turn on camera for mobile devices box. After each check-in, the screen will refresh to a scanning screen without needing to touch the device.

. Keypad and Scanner

  • Onscreen Keypad: enter a phone number on the keypad or tap the camera to scan a code.

  • Keyboard/Scanner: enter a phone number on an attached or onscreen keyboard or tap the camera to scan a code.

. Only Keypad

  • Onscreen Keypad: enter a phone number using the keypad.

  • Keyboard/Scanner: enter a phone number on an attached or onscreen keyboard.

. Only Scanner

  • Barcode Scanner: scan a code such as an assigned barcode, a mobile pass, or a Church Center app code using an attached scanner.

  • Camera: only for mobile devices; use the built-in camera to scan a code.

Tabs and Past Attendees on Roster Station

You can customize your Roster Station Settings, depending on which event or location you want your Volunteer to access, and how much attendance data you want to see on the Ready tab.

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  1. Select which tabs you want visible on the Roster station. For example, if you're going to use the station just for checking people out, only check the Here box.

    • Show security codes on the station for additional verification.

    • Enable Confirm check-ins to allow the classroom teacher to mark arrivals as confirmed.

    • If the Roster station is used to check out children from multiple locations, enable Check-out from all locations to add an All Locations button to the Here tab. The All Locations button displays a list of everyone checked in to every location, which can speed up the check out process!

  2. Each Roster station must be locked to a specific event and, typically, a location. If you choose All locations, the volunteer will see a location dropdown on the station to switch between the locations tied to that event.


    Lock your Roster station to a Location folder in your event if you want volunteers to see more than one location, but not all locations.

  3. Select how many sessions you want the roster to use to determine who appears on the Ready tab.


    If a child no longer fits the filters for a location, they will still appear on the Ready tab until they've missed the number of sessions set to populate the roster.

Unconfirmed Check-Ins

Additional Setup

Some stations require additional setup. Check out the following articles for more information:

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