Stations: An Overview

Set up your stations, station templates, labels, and themes in order to check people in to the correct locations.

A station is used to allow people to check in. It can be manned with a volunteer, or it can be a self station, allowing anyone to check in members of their family and themselves. It can also be used as a roster or a class list.

  • A Manned Station allows a volunteer access to override filters, add new people, edit information, and search by name.
  • A Self Station allows a person to search by phone number or barcode, but you cannot edit or add people, and there is no way to get around a filter.
  • A Roster Station is locked to a location and creates a list of people who have checked into that specific location in last three sessions. A teacher can search by name, phone number, or barcode, and can add or edit people. 

To create stations and view other settings, go to the Stations tab.

  1. Create Station Templates, which change settings for multiple stations at once.
  2. Each station is listed with the type, name, template, and application used to run the station. In addition, if the first column is green, that station is currently online.
  3. Create new labels, or if you're using a Dymo Printer, customize labels in the Dymo Label Software.
  4. Create new themes with a custom background image or color.

Once you've set up stations, select Become Station to launch the desktop application and start checking in people.

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