Stations: An Overview

This lesson will show you how to set up your stations, station templates, labels & themes as well as showing you where to find all of the different features.

What is a station?

A station is a unique computer or device used to allow check-ins. It can be manned, with a volunteer needed to check people in, or can be set as a self station, to allow any one to check themselves in without assistance. A third option is a roster station, which basically replaces a roll call list you might have with your clipboard.

  • A Manned Station will allow you to do anything you might need to do. It'll allow you to override any filters, add new people, edit people, and search by name.
  • A Self Station is limited a bit more. You can only search by phone number or barcode, you can not edit or add people, and there is no way to get around a filter that you might not fit in to.
  • A Roster Station creates a list of people who have checked into that specific location in the last three sessions. You can search by name, phone number, or barcode, as well as add and edit people. A roster must be locked to a location.

Stations Dashboard

The Stations dashboard allows you to see all of the pertinent settings for all of your Check-In stations.

  1. To make the current computer you are on be a check-in station click this button
  2. Each station has a good amount of data listed there for you to see at quick glance
    - The first column shows if this is a volunteer Manned station or a Self Check-In station
    - If the first column is green, that means that station is currently online
    - The second column is the stations name along with which theme the station is currently setup for
    - The final column will show what the current event is, if there is one assigned
  3. Station templates allow you to change the settings for multiple stations at once so you can quickly change back and forth between a Weekend Setup and a Weekday setup
  4. Labels are the designs that you have uploaded. You can design your labels with the Dymo Label Software. We provide some basic designs if you aren't ready to design your own.
  5. This is a list of all of your themes for use by your organization. You can have as many themes as you want and a theme can have a custom background image or color.

How to Start a Session (Creating a Station)

  • Navigate to and sign in with your PCO account as a viewer or administrator.
  • On the Stations tab click "Make This Device a Station"
  • Create a name, select if it should be Manned or a Self check in Station

To learn more about how a Station works, check out this article on Creating a Station.

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