Creating Custom Dymo Labels

Check-Ins allows you to customize your on Dymo Labels. Currently this is only available for Dymo printers. Custom labels are not supported for Zebra, Citizen, or Brother printers.

Install Dymo Label Software

To get started first install the Dymo Label Software from and design your label.

Setup links to dynamic properties

Setup links to dynamic properties

To setup a link to a dynamic property you click the properties bar while having the element you want to bind selected.

Then tell dymo what property you want linked

Then tell dymo what property you want linked

After you have the properties dialog up, click the Advanced tab. Then enter in one of our supported property names into the Reference name field:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Location Name
  • Security Code
  • Answers (This refers to whether or not they've selected options)
  • Kind (This refers to their setting of Regular, Guest, or Volunteer)
  • Medical Notes
  • Current Date (This will include the current date and the current time on the same line)
  • Current Date Only
  • Current Time Only
  • Age
  • Birthdate
  • Birthdate with Year
  • Grade
  • Checked In By (This refers to the name of the person who did the checking in)
  • Checked In By Phone Number (This refers to the phone number of the Checked In By person. It will grab the number under "Cell Phone". If there is nothing in the cell phone field, it would pull the home phone number)
  • Check In Time Actual (This refers to the actual time that a person has checked in, rather than the event time they checked into)

Keep in mind, these properties are case sensitive. You will need to enter the property name exactly as it appears above.

Duplicate Properties on the same label

Duplicate Properties on the same label

If you'd like to have duplicate properties on the same label, you can do this by adding "_1" to the end of the Reference. The most popular case for this is having one Security Label with 2 codes on it. You can give one to the Mom, and one to the Dad. This will work on all of the fields up to "_3".

Feel free to download the above example. If you'd like your label to look like this, you'll want to have each one set different, such as:

  • Security Code
  • Security Code_1

Child Numbers / Paging System

In some cases you may want to have only numbers associated with a child so you can inform the parent during service that the child may need attention. We've added a few custom fields to make this happen. On a name label use "Number" and it will assign a consecutive number for each check-in of the day, regardless of the event or location they're checking into.

Your Security Label has three options though. If you only want the numbers you can use "Number" which would return something like this: #1, #2, #3. You can also use "Numbers with Names" to return something like this: "#1: Hannah, #2: Jeff". You can also use "Numbers with Locations" which would return something like this: #1: First Grade Room, #2: Preschool"

You can download the above custom labels here: Security Label With Numbers, Name Label With Numbers.

How to add the barcode

How to add the barcode

In the Dymo Software, there's a few steps you need to add your own barcode section so that Check-Ins can read it.

  • From the "Insert" tab, find "Barcode" under "Label Objects
  • Drag a Barcode onto your Label
  • Right-click and select Properties
  • Change the Symbology to "Code 39"
  • Choose "Linked to Object" and choose "Security code" Note: If you don't see this option, please Download our Security Label, which has those objects already set up.

Save the file & upload to Planning Center Check-Ins

From the "Stations" tab, click the plus icon next to the labels to upload them.

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