Supported Label Printers

There are several ways to print your labels. Here is an overview of all the ways that we support.



Check-Ins supports many different printers based on what type of hardware you might have.

Laptop/Desktop (Mac/Windows) Tablet/Phone (iOS/Android)
Dymo Printer - inexpensive, small
Brother Printer - automatically cuts, WiFi
Zebra Printer - fast, handles high volumes  Citizen Printer - battery operated, portable

Also remember that you can set up any combination of printers and devices with the print to another station feature!

Note: There are some great label customization options built into Check-Ins! If you need fully customized labels, Dymo printers are the way to go.

Dymo USB Printing (Windows/Mac Desktop ONLY)

Dymo USB Printing Options & Prices (Windows/Mac Desktop ONLY)
  1. Dymo Printer: We suggest the LabelWriter 450 Turbo (~$70 on Amazon) or the LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo (~$120 on Amazon).
  2. Labels: We designed our templates to work with the Dymo Shipping Labels (~$14 on Amazon, or $0.046/label), but you can use any label you want. These are  LiteTite 30256, 2-5/16 x 4 Inches.
    Dymo also offer
    custom labels, so you can have your own full color design.
  3. Cleaning Cards: If you're experiencing any issues with the printer such as blank labels printing or dirty labels, you'll want to clean the printer. The printer might have came with a few of those, but you can buy some more at Amazon.

Zebra USB Printing (Windows/Mac Desktop ONLY)

  1. Zebra GX420d or GK420d: There's a good chance that other Zebra printer models will work, but we suggest the Zebra GK420d. (~$335 on amazon). You can visit our Zebra Printer Installation Article to find out what other customers have found works.
  2. Labels: We designed our templates to work with the 3x2 labels. You can find a collection of 9 rolls on Amazon for about $59.

Brother WiFi/USB Printing (Android & iOS ONLY)

Brother WiFi/USB Printing Options & Prices (Android & iOS ONLY)
  1. Brother QL-710W & QL-720NW High-Speed Label Printers With Wireless Networking: ~$139.99 on Amazon.
  2. Labels: ~$96.99 LiteTite DK-2205 (8 Rolls) Continuous Length Paper Tape Labels, Compatible with Brother P-Touch QL-Series. Label sizes are 2.4 (2-3/7) Inches by 100 ft are also available on Amazon.

You'll need to use the CD and USB cable included with the printer in order to Connect the Brother QL-710W or 720NW to your WiFi network.

If you plan on using more than one printer for your church at the same time, see this article about Using and Identifying Multiple Brother WiFi Printers, to help make the setup process easier.

If you have a PC, your browser won't have a driver to use this printer. Instead, we recommend you set the PC to print to a station using an iOS or Android device that is set to print to the Brother printers. See this article for more info.

Citizen Bluetooth Printing (Android & iOS ONLY)

Citizen Bluetooth Printing Options & Prices (Android & iOS ONLY)
  1. Citizen CMP-30 Bluetooth Label Printer (Part#: CMP-30LBTIU or CMP-SLS): $439.00 from Straight-Line Solutions (contact information below), includes charger & belt hook. This printer requires to be in close range of the device it's printing for as it's intended to be hooked to your belt while the device is in your hands.
  2. Labels For Citizen Printer: $4.95 from Straight-Line Solutions (contact information below) per roll with 220 labels on each roll. Label sizes are 3" X 2". So the cost would be about $0.022/label

Note: Citizen has made multiple models of the MCP-30, so please make sure you have the exact model number LBTIU which is the only one that will work with Check-Ins. If the model number is missing any of those letters, the printer will not work with Check-ins.

We searched around for the best price for this, and found that Alan from Straight-Line Solutions offers it the cheapest. To purchase these please email or for immediate response, please contact Alan Maestas at 916-681-6805 or email If you find anything cheaper, please make sure it's this exact part #, and let us know so we can pass on the savings to other customers.

Label Appearances

Please note that neither Brother or Citizen labels can be customized right now; only Dymo Labels are customizable.

In addition, the Brother printer makes the Security label half the size of the Name label, as shown above.

Print to a Another Station

You can can direct any Station to a printer connected to another Station. There are two ways to do this.

Choose when you first create a station.

Choose when you first create a station.

When you first create a Station, you'll see an option at the bottom to "Print Labels to This Station" or you can select any other station from your list.

On the Stations Tab, click on a Station to edit

On the Stations Tab, click on a Station to edit

When you click on any Station from the Stations tab, you can edit it to choose to print to another station. Click here to find out more.

Note: The Station that has the connected printer must be in Station view in order for the printer to send. This will not work if the Station is in Admin view.

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