Barcode Scanner Suggestions

Check-Ins works with almost all barcode readers. However, we've found the best and cheapest ones that will work great with our app.

Suggested USB 1D Barcode Scanner

Suggested USB 1D Barcode Scanner

This scanner is a great option for use of a tablet or desktop that will take a USB input. Please note that this is only a 1D Scanner and will not read QR codes like that found on the iPhone Pass. It will however read key tags and printed barcodes. Click here for the link to Amazon.

There is a difference between 1D and 2D barcode readers. 1D barcode readers will scan things such as key tags and printed barcodes. 2D barcode scanners will read those as well as QR codes and barcodes from phone applications like the iPhone Pass.

Suggested USB 2D Barcode Scanner

Suggested USB 2D Barcode Scanner

This is our favorite and fastest 2D barcode scanner. It will scan printed labels, key tags, QR codes, and iPhone Passes. Click here for the link to Amazon.

Suggested Bluetooth Scanner

Suggested Bluetooth Scanner

Technically any bluetooth scanner should work as long as it connects. However this bluetooth scanner is one of the cheaper ones that we know work well with iOS. Click here for the link to Amazon.

This particular scanner is compatible with: Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10, Mobile6/Wince, Google Android 4.0 Above, Apple iOS 9, Mac OS-X, works with computer, smartphone, tablet and mobile PDA

Pair Bluetooth Barcode Reader with iOS

Please download and print this manual. These instructions are the same as the ones in your manual but laid out a little bit easier. Because you can't use the barcode scanner to scan through a computer monitor, you will need to print and scan them.

Once you have paired you can show and remove the soft keyboard. Go into an app where the keyboard might usually show up, like Notes, and quickly double-tap the trigger on the scanner to show or remove the keyboard.

Known issue with Manned Stations on iOS & Android

When you plug in a barcode scanner to any device via a cable, the scanner replaces the keyboard, which does not allow you to type with the on-screen keyboard. This isn't a problem for self check-in stations as you don't need a keyboard. However, if you are using a manned station, the keyboard is needed in order to add and search people.

We first suggest that you use the bluetooth scanner as linked above, as that specific product has a toggle (clicking the trigger switch twice) that will allow the iOS keyboard to work while the scanner is on.

If you have a hard-wired connected barcode scanner, you will want to find one that can be turned on and off. That way you can turn off the scanner when you need the keyboard.

For Android devices, you will need to go into the "Language & Input" Settings and enable the Hardware keyboard setting. You can then use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard and the internal keyboard at the same time. 

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