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General Editing

To better match all the other Planning Center apps, Check-Ins has a very similar look and feel:

  1. To update this persons profile image, simply click on the image itself.
  2. To edit any information about this person from email, address, phone number, or medical notes, you can click the "edit" button here. You'll also see some quick important information under here.
  3. Click "Barcodes" to add or edit any barcode or mobile pass. You'll also quickly see the last activity this person had.


The best way to think about this page is to split the information down the middle. The left side include all of the past information, while the right side pertains to the future.

Left Side - Past

  1. This activity chart shows the past 12 months of activity, each dot representing a month. You can hover a each dot to see that specific month's activity.
  2. The Activity Feed will show every specific check-in that's occurred. You'll see the actual time they checked into, which location, and who the checked-in-by person was.
  3. If there was a check-out, you'll also see the actual time of the check-out, the location, and who was set as the person who checked them out.
  4. By default, we'll only show the last 4 check-in instances, but if you'd like to see more click "load more" for as long as you'd like!

Right Side - Future

  1. The top shows a quick snapshot of the three most important fields for Check-Ins. Since check-ins solely revolves around filters, we wanted to highlight all the things a filter could be set to. So, you've got age, gender, and grade at the top. (And yes, Scott does seem a little too old to be in Kindergarten! We're working on it!)
    • Simply click on the "edit" button if you'd like to quickly edit these fields. After you edit them, it will directly affect what you'll see on number 3
  2. Another quick thing you may need access to when on the people page is to see or edit what this person's Medical Notes are. Simply start typing there and you'll see a "save" button appear at the top right.
  3. Here lies the power of this page. Based on either the fields in #1 or on the filters on the locations, you'll see all of the available locations this person can check in to. For best practices, you'll want to try to make only one location available for each event. That way, Check-Ins will automatically choose that location.


  1. Click the edit button to add, remove, or set a different person as the primary person.
  2. The left side will list all of the adults in the household. If there is an email or phone number on that person's account, it'll also show here. Simply click on that person's name if you'd like to go to that profile.
  3. The right side will list all of the adults in the hosuehold, and all the same things as the left side apply.
  4. If you'd like to add another completely new household, you can do so with this add a houeshold button.


The permissions tab is where you can grant access to the admin side of Check-Ins. Simply switch over the toggle to admin, and then select the level you'd like that person to be. This change won't save until you click the "save and send" button at the bottom.

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