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When a person checks in, their check-in is logged on their profile along with any details entered. View those details and make changes to their profile page.

From the Check-Ins tab of an Event, select the name of the checked in person to view their profile.

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You can also search for the person from the People tab.

Like the other Planning Center products, Check-Ins profiles have a similar look and feel:

  • To update this person's profile picture, select the image itself.

  • To edit the email, address, or phone number, select edit.

  • Select Barcodes to add or edit any barcode or mobile pass.

In addition, the Activity tab shows their check-in information as well as some additional details.

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  1. The Activity Chart shows the past twelve months of activity, with each dot representing a month. Hover over the dot to see that specific month's activity.

  2. The Activity Feed is a concise report of every specific check-in including the actual time they checked in, which location, and who checked them in. If they were checked out, you'll see the time of the checkout, the location, and who checked them out.

    Use the corresponding button to export a CSV file of the activity or load more to show history past the last four check-ins.

  3. Since check-ins revolve around filters, view all the things a filter could be set to, such as age, gender, and grade. Select a detail to make changes to it, and it will save automatically.

  4. If you want this individual to be allowed to check in to any location, regardless of the filter, check the box. Any age or grade changes on their profile will not affect auto-suggestions after you select the location the first time.

  5. Add any medical information to the profile, which will print on the name label. Start typing in the box, and you'll see Save appear at the top right.

  6. View all the available locations this person can check into. Try to set location filters so that only one location is available for each person for each event, so Check-Ins will automatically choose that location.


If a person isn't able to check into an event, view the Available Locations section to see if the location is shown. If the location you are wanting is not listed, compare the location's filters (birthdate, grade, gender, adult/child, etc.) with the user's profile data.

Check out the household or permissions tab to complete the person's profile!

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