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Visitors are not saved to your people database, but you can temporarily add them. These people can receive a label and will exist in that session's reports, as well as in the Check-ins section of the Event.

If you want to follow up with the guest you're checking in, add them to your system as a regular person and check them in with the Guest status. If you don't plan to follow up with the person you're checking in, it's best to check them in as a visitor.

From a Manned Station, a volunteer can check in someone who is visiting once and doesn't need to be added to your database, such as a guest speaker's family or a friend from out of town. If the person is checking in alone, they'll need a person to act as the emergency contact; if the person is checking in with a family, they can be added as the family's guest for the day.

Both options allow a person to be temporarily added for just the event they're attending.

Add Guest

On the Manned Station, type the name of the person to begin checking them in. If the person isn't recognized in your database, you'll need to add more information about them to check them in.

Since this person is only visiting one time, create the person as a visitor.

Add person to household or create temporary one-time guest

Enter any medical notes teachers need to know, as well as a person to contact if needed. All information will be printed on the label.

New person information

Select Next to finish checking in the visitor and print a label.

Add Guest Using Household

If you're checking in a whole family, and they've brought a visitor, simply add that visitor to the family. The visitor will share a security code as well as print that household's Checked-In By information as the Emergency Contact.

From the household, select Add Visitor to add information about their visitor.

Add guest to household

Enter the name and any medical notes teachers may need to know. The Emergency Contact will default to the Checked-In By for this family.

New person information

Select Next to finish checking in the visitor and print a label.

The visitor's label will be similar to other labels with the person's name, location, date, medical notes, emergency contact, and security code listed on it.


From the Check-ins tab, the visitor will be listed as a guest and will have a VIP tag in place of a picture.


To include all visitors in your report, check the box next to Include label-only visitors when creating your report.

All visitors will automatically be added as Guests, so if you'd like to see those people separated out, choose the Regular/Guest/Volunteer layout.

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