Check-Ins and Services Integration

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With the Check-Ins and Services Integration, your scheduled volunteers can quickly check in at a Check-Ins station. This will automatically update their attendance in Services and include them in any Check-Ins reporting.

Check-Ins and Services are connected by the Check-Ins event session date and time matching the Services plan date and time. When a scheduled person checks in, the integration will trigger attendance in both Services and Check-Ins.

Enable the Integration

Go to the Check-Ins event settings to make sure the Services Integration is set to Enabled.


Once enabled, anyone scheduled in Services who checks in will be checked in as a Volunteer. If the Check-Ins event location matches the Services team or position, the matching location will be suggested. If there is not a matching location, the volunteer will need to check in at a manned station the first time they check in. After that, their previous location will be suggested.


For a volunteer to use a self station, one of two conditions must be met:

  • Their last check-in as a volunteer must have been for the same location and time

  • They must be scheduled in Services for a matching time, and their Services team or position name must exactly match a Check-Ins location.

If neither of the above applies, the volunteer will see a No locations available alert and need to check in at a Manned station.

View Check-Ins in Services

As people start to check in, you'll see a small checkmark icon next to the team member. You can hover over the checkmark to see which time they attended.


Checkmarks will appear for volunteers who are checked in through Check-Ins or have been marked as Attended with the Services Attendance feature.

View People Who Didn't Check In

After the event is over, use the Services report to see who did not check in but was confirmed on the schedule.

In a plan, click print, and then choose the CHECK-INS: Absent people report.


Testing the Integration

The easiest way to test the integration between the Services plan and Check-Ins event is to use a manned station to select a person scheduled for the upcoming event and check them into the upcoming session.


The location and time are listed under the name of the person you're checking in.

You can verify that the integration will work by checking the team/position and time on the Services plan.


Once you check the scheduled person in Services, ensure they have a green checkmark next to their name.


You can also test on a self station for someone scheduled for next event by creating a test time in the Check-Ins event for the day of your testing and make the event live at the station. Since the event will now be live, you can use the self station for testing.



Self stations will default to the closest event time (in this case, your testing time), so tap the pencil icon and select the time that matches the volunteer's scheduled time in Services to see how the integration will behave on the day of your event.


If the Services integration is not working with Check-Ins as expected, check the following in your setup.

  1. Ensure that your Services team or position names exactly match your Check-Ins location names.

  2. Confirm that the times your volunteers are scheduled to in Services exactly match your Check-Ins times.

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