Adding a Barcode

You can add a barcode while using a Manned Station. We recommend adding a different barcode to each parent's profile, which allows either of them to check in the fam quickly! For example, if you scan the barcode assigned to dad's profile, he'll be assigned as the checked-in by person!

When you search for a person using a barcode or mobile pass, the whole family will be returned in your search results letting that whole family can check-in together!

While on a Manned Station, search a person's name then select the edit person icon.

Add a Barcode

At the bottom of the page, select Add a barcode.

Using a barcode scanner or mobile device camera, scan a barcode.

After you scan the code, choose Save Household to add this barcode to the person's profile. If you'd like to add more, select Add a barcode again; you can add as many barcodes as you'd like.

Barcode scanners are really just external keyboards to your computer. In order for a barcode to be accepted on this page, the scanner needs to type the equivalent of "enter" after it scans the numbers. Not all barcode scanners do this by default. If your barcodes aren't scanning, most likely "enter" isn't being pressed. To test this, scan a code and press enter on your keyboard. If that works, set your barcode scanner to always type "enter" (or carriage return) after each scan. Check the documentation that came with your device for instructions.

Adding a Mobile Pass

At the bottom of the page, select Create a mobile pass.

Select the correct email the Mobile Pass should go to, or type in a new email address to send the mobile pass.

Select Prepare Pass to send the mobile pass then choose Save Household to save the mobile pass to the person's profile.

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