Add Check-Ins to a Past Session

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If you need to add attendance to dates that don't exist in Check-Ins, or you want to add extra people to the record of a session, you can add a whole class of people at one time.

Add a Session

If you are moving from a different database, or you need to add a session to the event, you can add past dates then add check-ins to that session. From the Settings, select Add past sessions.

Choose the date of the session you're adding, and if the sessions repeat weekly, check the box to add all the weeks up to the current session.

If you only need to add single sessions, uncheck the box.

Then select the event time as well as the timeframe of when people could check in.

enter session info

Times do not default to your event time; make sure they're exactly correct before you Submit.

Once you've added the past sessions, you can add check-ins to them.

Add Check-Ins to Session

From the Check-Ins tab on the event, select Add check-ins to add multiple people at one time.

Make sure you're on the right date by using the arrows or choosing a date from the calendar.

Choose the location, time, and type of attendee the person was then type their name in the box.

Any warning messages you might have seen in Station mode will show underneath each person.

If you type a name of a person not in your database, you can check them in as one-time guest. If you want them to be added to your database, you'll need to add them before checking them in.

Once you've added all the people to this list, select Check In x People, and they will be added to the check-ins for that event.

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