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The Event page holds all the information about a single session of an event within tabs.

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From the header of the Events page, you can:

  1. Use the arrows to go to different dates of the event based on the frequency selected in Settings.

  2. Use the calendar icon to go to a specific date.

  3. Go to this event in Calendar if it's a connected event.


If this is your first event, check out Setting Up a Check-Ins Account.

Expand the corresponding tab to learn what each tab holds.


The people who have checked into this particular session will show here. You can edit their check-in data, and filter to specific rooms, kind, or search for a person.

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  1. Search for a specific person, and add them to the date if they're not listed.

  2. Filter the check-ins by location, check-in type, or choose to show only checked in or checked out.

  3. View duplicate Check-Ins, if any exist.

  4. See when a person checked in or out and who checked them in.


You can also delete any incorrect check-ins.

Duplicate Check-Ins

Find and delete any duplicate check-ins for your event. When you click on the duplicate check-ins button, you can choose to delete duplicate check-ins that you don't want to keep.

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Check-ins for the same person and for the same time, regardless of check-in type, will be recognized as potential duplicates. If a person checks in twice for two different times, it will not be recognized as a duplicate.


Manage which dates and times cover this one session, as well as when you'll see these times available in Station mode.

The date and time is listed in bold, but the right sidebar shows when the event will be available for checking in and when it will disappear from stations.

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  1. Click New Time to create a time.

  2. Select a listed time to update the event time, the show or hide time, or manage the excluded locations.

Labels & Locations

View each Location that you're checking people into and select a location to set filters, add or remove labels, and create options for each location.

Use one of the New buttons to create a folder or location, or select a location to make changes to it.

  1. All locations are listed under the event name, but they can also be organized into folders.

    If a folder has no locations in it, it will show an alert, reminding you to add locations in order for people to check in.

  2. Each tier manages its own labels, and labels can be assigned to Regular, Guest, or Volunteer types, as noted on the label icon.


If you don't want one of your locations to print labels, remove the Event label(s) and only apply labels to a folder or location.


Track general attendance by using Custom Headcounts on Android, iOS, or by adding it to this tab. Regardless of where you track it, the information will be the same in each place.



Standard Headcounts categories and numbers cannot be edited, and Custom Headcounts numbers will not be listed in the Overview tab.


Customize, print, download, and preview any reports related to this event or session.

Select New Report to customize a new report or select a report to make changes to it.

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Preview or download the report once it's created.

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