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Before you can check people in, you need an event. When you create an event, set up the day and time people can check in, as well as the frequency of the event. If you want to start checking people in today, pick today's date and time!


If you're using Registrations to have people sign up for your event beforehand, check out this article for options on taking attendance.

To create an event, select Add Event on the Events page.

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You'll be prompted to enter a name for the event, which will show when people are checking in, and choose a frequency of the event.



Multiple Campuses

If you have multiple campuses, here are some tips about setting those up:

  • Create separate events for each campus (Campus A Sunday Services, Campus B Sunday Services).

  • Church Center does not filter Check-Ins events by campus. All events set to show in Church Center with an active session will display on the day of their session.

Once you Submit, you'll be taken to the Times tab of the Event page to add the first date and time of this event.



The date format (MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY) can be changed by an Organization Administrator.

After you choose the date, select Let's do it to add the time of the event on that date.

Select the starting time, and then choose the timeframe you'd like to allow people to begin checking in to the event.



If you try to check someone in on a roster or self Station outside of these times, you will not be able to view the event. If you need to check someone in earlier or later than the times you've assigned, you'll have to do it on the admin side or from a manned Station.

Events on Church Center will show starting at midnight on the event day, regardless of the show and hide settings.

After you've created your first time, add some locations for people to choose.

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