Create An Event

Each event can have multiple locations and multiple times. Most churches have many locations for children's ministry available for check-in during the main service. In this case, your event would be called "Weekend Service" with different locations for each class. Or if your event only has one location, the event could be the name of the event such as "Choir Rehearsal" or "Staff Meeting."

On the Events Tab, Click Add Event
Create Event
  1. Enter the name of the event you want people to see while they are in Station view
  2. This will determine if the event is happening only once, or if recurs every week. If the event recurs every week such is the case for Sunday School, all of the times will carry over from week to week
  3. If someone is scheduled to a plan in PCO Services, and checks in to an event at the exact same time, it can show on the Services page. This will either enable or disable that feature.
Add a Time

The only thing you need to do after you create an event is create times for that event. Click the plus button to add the date and time. You can create as many times as you'd like. When someone is checking in, they will see the time options that you set here.

If you'd like to learn more about the Events page, check out our article onThe Events Page.

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