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Events are organized in various ways. From the Settings tab, set how often the event occurs, which integrations are needed, if volunteers require background checks, and if you have a label you want in every location. 

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On the Settings page, you can change the event's name, set the event frequency, and enable preselect.

  1. Change the event's name by selecting Edit, typing a new name, and saving your changes.

  2. Set the event's frequency. If the event recurs every day or week, the times will carry over automatically. If it does not recur, you must create a new session each time you have another event.

  3. Preselect automatically shows a checkmark next to someone's name if they have checked in recently at the same times and locations. Disabling preselect means you must select each person, even if they've previously checked in to that time and location.


If you tracked data before using Check-Ins, add one or multiple past sessions to this event. Only editors have access to this option.

One Time Visitors

Enable label only mode to check in visitors without saving them to your database. With this setting enabled, you'll see a Label Only option when searching and adding a new person at a manned or roster station.

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If you want every location for this event to print out labels, add labels to the event.


You can also add labels to individual locations and folders.


Add an announcement that will show on the check-in station screen each time it refreshes.



Your event can integrate with one of the other Planning Center products.

  • The Church Center App integration helps people check in to the event from their mobile devices. If enabled, people can pre-check household members and scan a QR code to complete the check-in.

    If Allow Complete Check-In is enabled, people can complete their check-in without scanning.

  • Hide this event from Headcounts, so people cannot access it from that app.

  • The Services Integration allows scheduled people to check in as volunteers, and their check-in shows in both Check-Ins and Services.

Background Checks

If you require a background check for your volunteers, check the box to enable that feature.

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Archive or Delete

At the bottom of the event's Settings page, you can archive the whole event or delete the selected session.

Once an event is archived, it can be deleted from the same place.

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