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Check people out of an event using the Security Label or with personal information. Checking out isn't necessary for people to check-in in the future.

Checking out is an option on both Manned and Roster Stations. For security purposes, it is not available on Self Stations.

At a Manned Station

If a security label is added to the location, every check-in is assigned a randomized alpha-numeric tag for each time of check-in. This security code will never be the same again for that person.

Scan that code to check out the people associated with that check-in.

secruity label

If you've checked in with the Church Center App, the security will either automatically show up, or you can get the code from the same screen by tapping Check out.

When the parent comes to pick up the child, the person at the station can scan the barcode or type the Security Code in the search bar on a Manned Station, which will pull up those matching the barcode or security number.

  1. Check marks show who will be checked out.
  2. Choose who is checking out the people. The default is set to the person who checked in the child, but you can easily switch it to someone else by clicking on their image.
  3. If the person checking out the child is not shown, make sure they're authorized to pick them up by selecting Find out who.

At a Roster Station

A Roster Station shows all who are checked in, allowing you to easily check people out. From a Roster Station, select Switch to Check Out to choose who is checking out or to check out everyone at once.

If you want the station to automatically open to check out, update the Roster Station's settings and enable Default to checkout mode.

switch to check out

As you check off names of people, their name will be grayed out with the time of check out, and the number of checked in people will decrease.

check people out
  1. Send a text to a household adult or trusted person.
  2. You can view anyone who is not authorized to pick up the person. If the person checking out the person is not their Checked In By person, contact the Checked In By person to ensure they can be picked up.
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