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If you have limited printers or are using devices that don't print directly to your printer, you can print to another station.

Check out this video to see how it works or follow the steps below to update your station to print to another place.

Choose a station to print to from the Station Settings by selecting the gear on the station.

station settings on station
Change Settings on the Stations Page

You can also go to the Stations Settings by selecting the station from the Stations tab.

station settings from admin

Choose where you want your station to print from the Print Station dropdown.

station settings

Choose where you want your station to print from the Print to dropdown.

station settings

Once you choose the station to print to, select Save, and the station will print to its new selected station!

The Station the printer is connected to must be in Station mode in order for it to print. If it's not, you'll receive an error message like this:

Station Mode Error

Simply put the other station in Station mode, and you'll be able to print to that station.

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