Adding People in Check-Ins

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People can be added to your database through a station, CSV import, or the Admin side. Once you add a person, they will not be counted against your total daily check-ins pricing until they're checked in.

Add People on a Station

If you're adding people during a session, add them from a Manned or Roster Station. Self Stations are not able to add new people.

Check out this video to see how to add a person from a Manned Station or follow the steps below.


Search their name, and choose Add Person.

If you're starting from scratch with the person, select Add to a new household to create the person as well as their household.

  1. If people in the person's household are already in your database, select Add to an existing household.
  2. If the person is a one-time guest who is just visiting this time, Create a temporary profile for the person.

One-Time Guests

One-time guests are not added to the database, so you will not find them in Check-Ins, People, when searching a station, or in a list; however, they will show on an Event's Check-Ins tab and Reports for the session date they are checked in.
From Check Out on a Roster Station, they will be listed but are not part of the total count.

Enter the person's information and add other people in the household.

  1. Enter the basic information for the person's profile. Switching from Adult to Child changes the information shown on the screen.
  2. Create a mobile pass or barcode for easy check in next time.
  3. Expand the box to enter more information like the address.
  4. Add more people to the household by selecting Add New.
  5. Save the person, or if you've entered a whole household, the button will change to Save Household.

Add the parent/guardian first then add the children to utilize the Adult default.

Add People via CSV

If you want to add lots of people to your database, import them with a CSV into People.

Select Check-Ins and go to People.

switch apps

If you don't see People from the list, you don't have permissions to import the file. Reach out to one of your Organization Administrators to import the file.

Once the file is imported, the people will be found when you search by name or phone number the same way as if they were added in other apps.

Add People on the Admin Side

From the People tab, select Add Attendee at the top right.

Adding People through the People tab

If this person already exists in another app, you'll see them listen below. If not, select Create A New Person.

Type a Persons Name

Once you've created the person, you can add members of their household.

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