Adding People in Check-Ins

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There are 3 different ways to add people to Check-Ins. This article explains each of them.
Please note: There is no people limit in Check-Ins. The amount of people in Planning Center Check-Ins does not affect the people limit in Planning Center Services.

Best Ways to Add People

  1. The fastest way to add people during a session is through the Station side.
  2. If you're looking to add a bunch of people all at once, you'll want to import a CSV through the People app.
  3. You do have the ability to add people through the Admin side, but it's still faster and easier to add people on the Station side or through a CSV.

Adding People from a Station

If you're adding people during a session, you'll want to do it from a Manned Station. Self and Roster Stations are not able to add new people.


Adding People via CSV

Adding people via CSV is the best way to add people in bulk. These people will not affect the Planning Center Services people limit, and will only be added to the People Tab in Check-Ins once they are checked in.

However, if they are added to Planning Center People, they will be found when you search by name or phone number the same way as if they were added in other apps.

To find out how, check out the article on Importing People from a CSV.

Adding People through the People tab

From the People tab, click "Add Attendee" at the top right.

Type a Person's Name

If this person already exists in another app, you'll see them listen below. If not, you can click "Create A New Person" at the bottom of the list.

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