Adding People in Check-Ins

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People can be added to your database through a CSV import, station, or the Admin side. Once you add a person, they will be added to all applications across Planning Center, but they will not be counted against your total daily check-ins pricing until they're checked in.

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Import with a CSV File

If you want to add lots of people to your database, import them with a CSV by going to People.


If you don't see People on the list or don't have access to the Importer, you don't have permissions to import the file. Reach out to one of your Organization Administrators to import the file.


Important Fields to Import

  • Household ID: Keep the household members together with an ID, so you can easily choose who can check a child into or out of an event.

  • Primary Contact: Reports can show you this person in addition to the person checked in.

  • Mobile Number: You can send a text to an adult if you need them during the event.

  • Barcode: If you used barcodes previously, make it easy for people to continue to use them.

  • Grades: Some locations are filtered by grade; import that information, so people are able to check into the correct location quickly.

  • Birthdates: Some locations are filtered by age; import that information, so people are able to check into the correct location quickly.

  • Medical Notes: You can add medical notes to labels if they exist in a person's profile.

Add from a Station

People can be added from a Manned or Roster Station. Self Stations are not available for adding new people.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

On the station, search the new person's name, and, if there are no results, choose Add Person.


Fill out the form, and add other details by clicking Show all. Then tap Add to add other people to the household.



Create a mobile pass or barcode for easy check-in next time!

To ensure a smooth check-in process and avoid communication issues down the road, follow these tips when adding new families at a station:

  • Add the primary contact for the household first, and then add the children.

  • To avoid confusion when contacting a parent, add email addresses and mobile phone numbers to the person they belong to.


    Phone numbers and physical addresses with the "Home" label will be automatically added to all profiles in the household.

  • When adding children, enter their preferred name in the First Name field.

  • Add a mobile phone number for each adult, as well as the birthdate and grade for each child.

  • Only add medical notes that are okay to be visible on a printed label.

Add from the Admin Side

From the People tab, select Find or add person at the top right.


Type the name of the person in the box. If the person already exists, you'll see their name listed. If not, select Create A New Person and add their information. Once you've created the person, you can add members of their household.

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