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In the Times tab of an event, you can set the event time, and add the time that the event can show up and when it should no longer appear on stations.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Check-Ins will choose the closest time available. However, there are a few smarter things it can do to help in those outlying situations.

  • If the closest time is more than 45 minutes in the past, it'll choose the next time. If there is no next time, it'll choose the one in the past.

  • If you arrive at the same time you did last week, and last week you checked into two future times, it'll automatically select those two times again this week.

Add Time to Event

Go to the Times tab and click New Time.



If you see a Times and Locations button, click it to enable it! It connects times and locations.

Choose the event date and time the event starts.


You can decide when an event is live and available for checking in on a Roster or Self Station by choosing show and hide times.

  1. Show a time to allow people to start checking in to your event.

  2. If you want to not allow people to check in after a certain time, hide the time.

If you have multiple times, those times might overlap, which allows people to check in to both times at once.


A Manned Station can override the show and hide times.

If you need to delete a time, you can only delete it if there are not check-ins associated with that time. Manually update the existing check-ins to a different time or delete the check-ins.


If you update a time, the Ready tab on a roster station will be blank because there are no recent check-ins with the new time. The time(s) for the past session dates must match the current time(s) listed in the roster.

Excluded Locations

If you have more than one time for the event, you can remove locations from times from the Excluded Locations tab. Click + to add locations that aren't available during that time.


If you don't see all your locations here, make sure you've added them to your event!


Click Save to add the time to your event.

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