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Filters are designed to do the heavy lifting of assigning attendees to locations for you so you don't have to! This article will help you set up Check-Ins to auto-assign people into the correct locations, and also help make sure people can only see the locations that they fit into.

Location Filters

Location Filters

Applying location filters will help in two different ways. If there is only one location filter a person fits into, these will automatically be filled in and ready to check-in. Also, if using a Self check-in Station, you are only allowed to see locations you fit into, and cannot check into a different location.

  1. You can choose if you'd like any type of age or grade filter. You can't have both at the same time, so you'll have to only pick one option. Please note that if you'd like to filter for those under Pre-K, we suggest using age in months.
  2. Only allow a certain gender to this location.
  3. Limit how many Regulars and Guests can check in. This limit does not reflect how many Volunteers can check in.
  4. Limit how many Regular and Guest attendees can check-in based on how many Volunteers have checked in.

Filter Logic

When picking certain locations to auto-populate, we have some specific logic that takes priority. Here's some insight into the mind of how our code works.

  1. First, we will choose the location where that person checked in last. If that location's filter no longer fits their profile, or if there is no previous history, then we'll move on to number 2. However, if the location they checked in last AND a new location with a grade filter fits, Check-Ins will auto-populate the grade location. This should make it easier when promoting children from age-filtered locations to grade locations.
  2. Second, we'll choose the location with a matching grade. If there's no grade in that persons profile, then it will move to number 3.
  3. Lastly, we'll choose the location with a matching age, based on their birth date.

We've made this priority order mainly to help situations where someone might fit into a location with a grade or age that matches. If you want the location with Grade to take priority, then add a grade to their profile. However, if you would prefer their age to take priority, make sure there is no grade on their profile.


Manned Stations have the ability to override any set Location Filters. So, if a person isn't able to check in to a specific location, jump on a Manned Station to get them through:

  1. Check the location filters.
    Filters are the qualifications for someone to check in to a location at a Self Station. If someone doesn't meet the qualifications, they will have to be checked in at a Manned Station.
  2. Make sure their profile is complete.
    Missing the grade, date of birth, or gender will affect whether a person is able to check in to a location.
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