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Checking in by scanning barcodes or QR codes is extremely fast. When you scan a barcode, mobile pass, or the Church Center app, the whole family can check in at a Self or Manned station. On a Roster station, only the user profile connected to the mobile pass, barcode or Church Center App will be checked in. 

To use the Church Center app or a mobile pass, make sure the Organization Administrator has added a location to Accounts. You can add as many as ten locations to each pass to help with campuses.

Android or iOS Stations allow you to use their built-in cameras for scanning codes; however, if you're on a Windows or Mac, you'll need to purchase a scanner.

The Honeywell 2D Scanner will scan printed labels, key tags, QR codes, and passes on a smartphone.

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When you plug the scanner into any device via a cable, the scanner replaces the keyboard, which does not allow you to type with the on-screen keyboard. So, if you are using a manned station, you will need to either unplug the scanner, or, if it has an off switch, turn it off in order to type.

Barcode scanners act as external keyboards to your computer. In order for a barcode to be accepted, the scanner needs to type the equivalent of "enter" after it scans the numbers. Not all barcode scanners do this by default. If your barcodes aren't scanning, most likely "enter" isn't being pressed. To test this, scan a code and press enter on your keyboard. If that works, set your barcode scanner to always type "enter" (or carriage return) after each scan. Check the manual that came with your device for instructions.

Barcode Tag Suggestions

If you're not using the Church Center app, but you'd still like to scan barcodes, you can either use barcodes people already carry on them or order some tags to give out to your people.

Barcodes do not contain any personal data on them as they are just random numbers.

Existing Barcodes

Many people have existing barcodes such as on their keychains or their driver's license. You can connect any of these barcodes to their account in Check-Ins by scanning and assigning them when you check them in.

Use Existing Barcodes

Printed Tags

You can buy a collection of already printed barcode tags or make your own.  

If you create a custom Dymo label with a barcode, use Code 39 or Code 128 from the Symbology dropdown.

Buy Printed Labels

Do not use codes that are 4, 7, or 10 digits long so that they do not interfere with any phone numbers. Also, if you know of any other suggestions that might be better, please let us know!

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