Set up Stations with Templates

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Instead of manually changing each station to reflect the event it's checking people into, you can set up the stations and create a template with a time to automatically set stations to the appropriate type, printer, theme, and location or event.


Need ideas on how to use templates? Check out the common templates guide!

Create a Template

To create a template, first update the settings for each station affected by the template.

  1. Locate a station by sorting the stations or entering the station's name in the search bar.

  2. Change the settings to match what you want that station to look like at the time of the event.

  3. Repeat the process for each station that will be assigned to the template.

  4. Once your settings are correct for each applicable station, it's time to create templates! Select Templates from the gear.

  5. Select New Template to create the template out of the station settings you currently have set.


    The station settings will be saved in the template you create, so any changes made to the station settings later will not affect the template.

  6. Configure the new station template as outlined below.

    1. Title your template based on when or for what event this template should be used.

    2. If this template is used weekly, choose when to activate it. Selected stations will use this template until another is applied or someone manually changes the settings.

    3. Choose the stations for this template. If one of the stations needs to be changed to a different mode, printer, theme, or event, edit that station before saving the template.

  7. Select Submit to create the template

Edit a Template

If you need to edit a template, change the station settings first, and then choose the template from the list.


The changed stations are highlighted in yellow.


To update your template with those changes, click Submit; to keep the template's original settings, click Cancel.

If you no longer use this template, click Delete.

Apply Station Templates

To use a template immediately, select Use next to it to apply the template settings to the stations.


If stations don't change after clicking Use, they may need to be refreshed to apply the template settings.

  • To refresh a station on a desktop, select Start Over or View > Reload from the toolbar.

  • To refresh the mobile station app, force quit and reopen the app.

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