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Instead of manually changing each station to reflect the event it's checking people into, you can use Station Templates to automatically change selected stations to the appropriate mode, printer, theme, and event.

Check out this video for more information or follow the steps below.


Before you set station templates, make sure you have created all the stations you need with the correct themes applied to them.

1. Create a Station

To create a station, download the Check-Ins app on any device you'd like. The app is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Once you've downloaded the app, follow the prompts to create the station then return to the Stations tab and locate your new station.

view station

To find the most recently used station, use the Sort by dropdown to sort the list by name or last used!

2. Create Themes

Personalize a station by adding a theme. You could coordinate them with the sermon series or even VBS images. If you don't create and apply a theme, the station will stay the default Check-Ins purple.

Click the gear and select Themes to create new themes or access other themes.

Select a theme to edit it, or click New Theme to create a new one.

Upload an image or choose a background color to set for the new theme.

  1. Name your theme based on when it will be used.
  2. Choose an image from your computer to add as the background.
  3. Choose the best overlay color, so data will look best. If you're using a light color background, choose the dark overlay; if you're using a dark background, choose the light overlay.
  4. If you don't have an image to use, add a background color instead.

Select Submit to add the theme and view the preview in the themes box. If you need to make any changes, select the theme to edit or delete it.

Because Check-Ins works on any device in any browser at any size, we do our best to center the uploaded image. If you'd like a perfect fit, it's best set your background image to the screen size of your Station device.

After you've created the themes you want, add them to stations by selecting a station and choosing the theme from the dropdown.

3. Create Station Templates

If you want stations to look a certain way or print to specific stations during one of your events, you can set up station templates to allow for that.

Edit each station to be the way you want them to be for the designated time frame, and then select Templates from the gear to make those presets a template to be used at a certain time.

Select New Template to create the template out of the station settings you currently have set.

The stations settings will be saved in the template you create, so any changes made to the station later will not affect the template.

  1. Title your template based on when or for what event this template should be used.
  2. If this template is used weekly, choose when to activate it. Selected stations will use this template until another is applied or an Administrator manually changes the settings.
  3. Choose the stations needing this template. If one of the stations needs to be changed to a different mode, printer, theme, or event, edit that station before saving the template.

Choose Submit to create the template.

Edit a Template

Edit a template by choosing it from the list.

If you change settings on a station and try to edit a template, the changed station will be outlined in yellow.

Any stations with different settings from the current template settings will be highlighted in yellow. To update your template with those changes, click  Submit; to keep the template's original settings, click Cancel.

If you no longer use this template, click Delete.

Apply Station Templates

If you want to use this template immediately, click Use to apply the template settings to the stations.

If stations don't change after clicking Use, they need to be refreshed in order for the template settings to be applied. Refresh a station on a desktop by clicking View > Reload from the toolbar or by clicking Start Over; refresh the mobile station app by force-quitting the app and reopening it.

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