Lock a Station

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Lock a station to an event, folder, or location if you'd like a station to only allow check-ins to one spot, such as a campus, a hallway, or a specific room.

From the Station Settings, click the checkbox next to Lock station, and then choose the event and location or folder you'd like to lock the station to.


The station name will show as the location or folder it's locked to.



On a roster station with check-out from all locations enabled that is locked to a folder, the All locations button will only show check-ins for locations in that folder.

Locked stations show different information, depending on the station type:

  • On a Manned Station, select people for the location you're locked to, or override the location filter errors and select any location.

  • On a Roster Station, people will be pre-selected if their filters fit and if the sessions allow it.

  • On a Self Station, you will not see any options to check in unless it's the locked station, and a No locations available message will be displayed.

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