Using Multiple Brother WiFi Printers

If you're using multiple Brother QL-710W wireless printers, this article will show you how to set a name for the printer, so you can easily tell which one is connected.

Name your Printer for Easy Identification

1. Access the Printer Webpage

Navigate to your Printer Settings page which you can get to by typing http://IP ADDRESS in your web browser. For example

You can find your printer's IP address by holding down the "Cut" button on your Brother printer for about 3 seconds. Multiple pages will print, and you'll see the IP address generally listed in the middle of the third page. The printer must be on and connected to your wifi.

2. Rename the Location from the Printer's Webpage

For Mac:

- Login in as user: admin, password: access

- On the page you'll see "Printer Name" and "Location"

- Set "Location" to whatever you like, it will be part of the printer name in PCO Check-Ins. Once you're connected you'll see "Connected to: Brother - LOCATION NAME" on the top bar of the app.

For a Windows PC:

- Once you get to the web based management site, to go "Network Configuration" > "Configure Protocol" > "AirPrint-Advanced Settings" > "Location"

Select a Default Printer from the Printer Options Menu

Select a Default Printer from the Printer Options Menu

This menu will show up the first time you check a person in, but it won't ask you again unless you Reset the Default Printer from the Settings app.

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