Mobile Pass

This article will show you how to set a Mobile Pass to automatically pull up when you arrive at church. The Mobile Pass can be scanned for fast check-ins.

Add an Address to Your Account

From the Accounts app, your Organization Administrator will need to make sure there is a location for your church. This will allow the Mobile Pass file to automatically pull up within a half mile of the entered location. You can add as many as 10 locations to each Pass, so it'll pop up for all of your campuses. All the locations entered here will show on the back of the Pass.

Send Pass to Email Address

Send Pass to Email Address

From a Manned Station in Check-Ins click to edit a persons profile. Towards the bottom of the edit page, click the "Create mobile pass" button.

This will pop up a window that will inform you that in order to send the mobile pass, the household will need to be saved.  Click "Got it!" Make any more changes necessary, and click on "Save Household."

Save Mobile Pass to Wallet on iOS

There's two options to get the Mobile Pass saved to your Wallet.

  1. On your mobile device open up the email and click the Mobile Pass to save it to your Wallet. This will only save correctly if you're using the iOS mail app that comes with an iPhone. Some third party mail applications don't allow you to save the Pass to your Wallet.
  2. You can also open up this email on your Mac and click "view Pass" from the email. From there you'll see a "save to wallet" button that will automatically be added to your iPhone.

Save Mobile Pass to Android

We’ve found a few third party applications that work great with an Apple Pass. Any app that supports the .pkpass file format will work.  We suggest Pass2U since it supports location awareness, and will pop up just like on iOS.

Scan a Pass

Passes can only be scanned by 2D compatible barcode readers. The camera within the Check-Ins app on your Android or iOS devices will definitely read these 2D barcodes, but if you're using an external barcode reader, you'll want to make sure it can read 2D as well as 1D barcodes.

Easily Send to Multiple People

If you'd like to send a mobile pass to several people at once, no sweat! We've got you covered. Take a look at this People article to show you how to get that done: Bulk Actions

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