Oct 27th - New Household editing

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Editing Households is getting a major improvement, which you can now preview and start trying out.

To access this new view, you'll need to go to a Household that already exists, and click the edit button next to the household name. 

Here are a few reasons why we made some of these changes.

One page to view and edit the whole household

Currently, if you want to edit multiple people in a household or add more people to the household, there are several pages that you need to navigate. We wanted this to be all on one page, and to be simple enough to not overwhelm anybody.

Faster adding and editing

In most cases, when you're adding a new person, there's only a certain amount of information that you want to add. And those pieces of information are different whether that person is a child or an adult. So now, when you're editing a child, you only see their birthdate, grade, and medical notes. The things that are important to get them into the right location and with the right information for their label.

If you change that person to an adult though, you'll only see email, phone, and barcode information. Of course in either case, you can expand each person to edit all of their information by clicking the arrow at the bottom.

More to come

We're excited to get this feature in your hands so you can start using it a bit at your church. However, we have a few more plans coming to make this event better. 

First, we're working on a good mobile experience for this which would include better swiping and a tighter layout for phones. For now, the edit button doesn't appear on mobile and if you use it on an iPad, you'll see that swiping isn't the best experience just yet. We're going to fix both of those things soon. 

After mobile looks great, and we've received any feedback on what we currently have, we're going to move ever edit screen to this same view. If you click on the edit person to the right of a name, it will automatically jump to that persons card. And, if you click "add person" while viewing a household, it'll automatically jump to a new card within that household. We're hoping this new view will replace all current views of editing a person.

Let us know what you think by writing in! We'd love to hear from you. 

- The Check-ins team,
Scott, Robert, Jake and Jesse

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